Dinner menu changes daily based availability of local ingredients. Menu below is for example only.

“A significant part of the pleasure of eating is in one’s accurate consciousness of the lives and the world from which food comes” –Wendell Berry

 today’s soup:  ulu  6

MA’O organic lettuces, pancetta, manchego, cherry tomatoes, walnuts  8.5
red oak, mango, avocado, cucumber, pecans, green goddess  8.5
baby arugula, beets, orange, fennel, mint, chick peas, ricotta salata  8.5

ahi tartare, risotto cake, balsamic vinegar  11.5
black mussels, fennel, pastina, tomato, cinzano broth  9.5
pickled pig’s ear, coppa di testa, mango mostarda, peppercress  8.5 pa’i’ai, shinsato pork loin, watercress, pickled daikon, scallion  9
ricotta, tomatoes, green beans, herbs, grilled flatbread  8

gnocchi, guanciale, kolea sunchokes (12 orders) 16.5
risotto, waimea roma tomato, MA’O baby fennel  17
hand-cut pasta, cured ono roe, summer squash, string beans  18

a’u ku, white beans, dandelion, tomato, preserved lemon aioli  24.5
opah, local veggies, limu, meyer lemon  24
chicken leg, jasmine rice, tatsoi, long beans, ginger, cilantro  22
shinsato pork belly, polenta, bitter greens, salsa verde  26.5
leg of lamb, green lentils, mohala escarole, radish, mint yogurt  26

bowl ‘o polenta  7
hamakua mushrooms  7
bitter greens  7
french fries  7
baby bok choy, ‘alaea salt  7
grilled baby romaine, lemon, parmigiano  7
bread, butter, and olives  2  (your 1st round is complimentary)

“Local first, organic whenever possible, with Aloha always”