Dinner menu changes daily based availability of local ingredients. Menu below is for example only.

“There is communion of more than our bodies when bread is broken and wine drunk.” -M.F.K. Fisher

today’s soup: mushroom 6

MA’O organic lettuces, pancetta, manchego, cherry tomatoes, walnuts 8.5
mustard frill, baby carrots, radish, avocado, pecans, buttermilk 8.5
arugula, beets, orange, mint, cucumber, chickpeas, mascarpone 8.5

ahi tartare, risotto cake, balsamic vinegar 12.5
black mussels, fennel, pastina, tomato, cinzano broth 11
flank steak, potato, dandelion greens, chimichurri 9
pa’i’ai, cured opelu, pohole, watercress, fennel, roasted tomato 10
bruschetta, coppa di testa, collard greens, pecorino 8.5

gnocchi, sunchokes, capers, lemon (12 orders) 16.5
risotto, saffron, spinach, baby carrots 17
cavatelli, pork sugo, parmigiano 18

a’u ku, ulu, okra, cabbage, chermoulah 24.5
mahi mahi, local veggies, limu, meyer lemon 24
chicken leg, tatsoi, grapes, pancetta, torn bread, macadamia nuts 22
pork chop, polenta, bitter greens, vinaigrette 26.5
striploin, french fries, arugula, roquefort butter 28

bowl ‘o polenta 7
roasted mushrooms 7
bitter greens 7
french fries 7
dandelion greens, balsamic 7
bok choy, kona sea salt 7
baby corn, smoked paprika 7
bread, butter, and olives 2 (your 1st round is complimentary)

“Local first, organic whenever possible, with Aloha always”