Lunch Menu


Lunch menu changes daily based availability of local ingredients. Menu below is for example only.


“Find the shortest, simplest way between the earth, the hands, and the mouth.”
          – Lanza del Vasto


soup today: carrot kabocha cup 4 bowl 6

MA`O organic lettuces, pancetta, grape tomato, manchego, walnuts 8.5
arugula, beets, orange, mint, cucumber, chickpeas, mascarpone 8.5
*add fresh fish or chicken to any salad 5

frito: walu brandade, okra, onion, fried pork ribs, malt aioli 7.5
antipasti: smashed potato, long beans, roasted eggplant 8
black mussels, fennel, pastina, tomato, cinzano broth 11

mushroom & lentil patty, pickles, tomato, feta, tatsoi, telera roll 11
shinsato pork sandwich, caramelized onion, mustard aioli, swiss, rye 12
kuahiwi grass-fed hamburger, potato roll 13.5
add cheese 1 add bacon 1
*all sandwiches above served with MA’O greens or french fries

orecchiette, pork sugo, parmesan 13
linguini, pancetta, mushroom, spinach 14
risotto, green beans, tomato, sunny egg 14.5

a’u ku, local vegetables, roasted tomato vinaigrette 15
pan-roasted chicken breast, polenta, bitter greens 16
the big salad 12.5 (add fresh fish or chicken 5)

town puddin, crème anglaise, caramel gelato 7
apple-banana crème pie 7
salted chocolate pretzel tart 7
buttermilk pannacotta, manoa honey 7
vanilla bean, caramel, chocolate-hazelnut, or espresso gelato 4
grapefruit-campari, lychee, mango, or lemon sorbet 4

“Local first, organic whenever possible, with Aloha always”